VEE DEE - Furthur CD

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Like the Functional Blackouts, VEE DEE broke out from the Maybe Chicago compilation with an LP that floored a lot of people.

Furthur is an album that truly delivers with it's urgent guitar attack, Apocalypse Now psychedelia and songs from the dark side of life.

A great record that never gets tired.

Here's a great email we got from a VEE DEEVOTEE from Sept. 09 that sums up our feelings perfectly.

Burning, itching, searing pain in my urethra...I love VEE DEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‏

I'm a happily married father of one, (12'' uncut/swimmer's build/albino) and I rarely write mashnotes to independent labels or bands, but I felt compelled to write to you to say this: I hit some hard financial times recently and had to sell most of my records off, old, new, rare, beloved and some of great sentimental value, but through it all I kept my VEE DEE "Furthur" as I type this I am listening to that very record and feeling a great sense of comfort and satisfaction that I made two correct decisions (buying "Furthur", and keeping "Furthur").

I was looking up your label to see if the band is still together...and voila, I see there's a dbl LP available!

Huzzah! Happy days are here again!