The Krunchies - In De Winkel LP

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Here's the 2005 debut LP by the Krunchies. As with the Functional Blackouts debut LP this record was recorded and engineered by Sanford Parker and Jimmy Hollywood at Volume Studios in Chicago and further helped establish that crash bang wallop style Criminal IQ had been endorsing

That sound reached some new ears as the Krunchies jabbed their way around all of the venues and scenes Chicago has to offer building up a solid following and making new friends.

Needless to say - any serious listener of authentic punk rock music is gonna NEED this record. 20 minutes of careening mayhem done Krunchie style. It's a mind-bomb for the trip to the grocery store. It would suck balls if it diodn't kick so much ass!

Just BUY IT already.

From Ox Fanzine:
(Tranlated from German)

"On the excellent and only to recommending Chicagos Label Criminal IQ, this "album" of the KRUNCHIES coming also out of Chicago appeared, singe that its twelve in just once tightly over 19 minutes down tear. Puristischer Punkrock between garage and three accords, that so before a couple of years also would have been able to appear on Rip-aped, that through once/female vocals bribes, whereby the Lady already one very voice would sharpen has. That is bound however to the good fortune well in the schnodderigen Gitarrensound so that that becomes never unpleasant. Music for of persons, who tend to the Hyperventilieren, that roar, until its face red is, that stop then after air snatching, before it goes on singed with the next. So simple, so charming, and who a song "Reaffirming my hatred of humanity through failed relationships" entitles, is anyway my friend. Strangely that Dutch anmutende album title, but anything that will have thought itself already at the same time. Gave well the first disk the trio, before that it is ne 7". And the Label writes "remembers what of to the Anarcho-Punk of the early eighties". Hm. Exzellenter material, on the Allernötigste of reduced Punk. (9)" (Joachim Hiller)

Ray Suburbia writes on myspace

I like my beer cold, my Krunchies loud, and my homosexuals flaming.