The Cuts comp! FNU ronnies. Flying Trichecos, White Load more...V limited

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A few unsold copies have been returned to us from our distro but they won't last forever! Unreleased tracks from FNU RONNIES, SICK UMP, KILL THE HIPPIES. THE CURTAINS, WHITE LOAD, and FLYING TRICHECOS - 300 press. All killer no filla gorilla

Here's a review from Terminal Boredom
Guess what? Compilation singles are back in vogue! Thanks, World's Lousy?! Criminal IQ's entry into the V/A sweepstakes blows its wad early with the best cut first, a new FNU Ronnies jammer called "Ain't No Place". Trebly troglodytian sci-fi punk rock. They could've used this cut for the punk rock episode of Dr. Who. Daleks attack and shit. Great. Sick Jump! are band #2, and actually play some good and shitty hardcore punk. "Fuck Kids" basically falls all over itself, guitar/drums/vox attack similar to Shoot It Up, but not near the SIU level of genius. Still decent though, shitty bandname aside. Kent, Ohio's greatest rock band Kill the Hippies close out side A with "No Control But Dance Control", a standard example of their nerdy punk rock. As good as many other KTH songs, a band I enjoy more in theory than on record most of the time. No idea who The Curtains are or where they are from, but they start Side B off with the post-punk stylings of "Hidden Agenda". Prominent bassline, phased-out guitar, effected vox, paranoid vibes. Not bad. White Load, a band whose tapes I'm very fond of, contribute "Nothing is Funny", an abrasive couple of minutes of Killed by Death meets Killed By Hardcore. I like the cut of their jib. Cleveland's disaster squad, Flying Trichecos, close out the disc with "Recidivist". Firstly, I'm amazed the word recidivist is in the any of the Trichecos' vocabulary. Secondly, this song is better than any of the cuts on their debut single. A choppy and angry pulsator of punkitude. What the fuck does that even mean? I dunno. But the Trichecos may be one of the few true punk bands left roaming the country's dive bars and basements in this day and age. Overall, a nice little snapshot of the current slate of bands that exist where hardcore and punk collide, with a couple curves thrown in (KTH and Curtains). And any new FNU Ronnies material is must-have in my book. Scum stats: 50 test press copies with photocopied sleeves, full-scale release coming shortly.(RK)
MRR Review Jan 2010
Six band compilation featuring FNU RONNIES, SICK JUMP, KILL THE HIPPIES, CURTAINS, WHITE LOAD and Cleveland's answer to the VIVIAN GIRLS the FLYING TRICHECOS. That's a whole lotta pent up Midwest sexual frustration crammed onto one mean 7" Not a shitty song in the bunch, and each is different enough that it doesn't suffer from being a washout of sound-alike bands. You get thrashy, kinda garagey, post punky, KILL THE HIPPIES madness and then FLYING TRICHECOS blown out mess of shit. It kinda comes off sounding like one of the better early 80's punk comps (punk, hardcore, whatever having a big luvfest) without being all bullshit retro about it. Fucking great record. Limited to 300. Act fast! - Mark Murrman