Coconut Coolouts - Punk House Pts i & II 7"

Image of Coconut Coolouts - Punk House Pts i & II 7"


Cool monodromatic jam-punk 7" from our fave label of Europe Ken-Rock of sweden. Review below appeared in Termbo and pretty much nails the vibe down.

"Punk House" is one of their better vinyl outings, certainly finding them at their punkest (even if it is in a piss-take fashion) and the least beholden to the dance-party/guy-in-a-banana-suit aesthetic. Still quite humorous in its own right however, skewering punk house culture (something I've never been a part of and have done my best to distance myself from) with lyrical caricatures like "Check out my pet rat..." and other funny-but-true jabs. "Part One" is a dark-edged dirge that certainly encapsulates the filth and dirt of living in a run-down deathtrap with unhygenic and unemployed deadbeats with dyed hair and a wardrobe consisiting of pants with holes in the crotch and crust-punk patches sewn on and whatever band shirt they managed to get for free. Great song. "Part Two" doubles the tempo for a short reprise on the B-Side, buffered by "Yeah, Right!" which is a treble-jamming little dum-dum snort with an Angry Samoans vibe and some mock teen angst. Funny punk done pretty funnily.(RK)