Girls From The Gravitron - Magnetic Mountain LP (Denmark Import)

Image of Girls From The Gravitron - Magnetic Mountain LP (Denmark Import)


Brilliant Psyche-pop by former Kazalok frontman Cole. This album was originally offered to us here at CIQ but money and time wasn't on hand at the time so fortunately it appears here on Danish Imprint label Miss Lonelyhearts. Like kazalok I don't expect people to be all over this right away - this band just doesn't do enough to promote themselves, people don't show up schilling them on messageboards, they have no ego that I can easily detect - they just let the music create it's on beauty, paint it's own picture, intuitively find it's way into the world. GOTG take a lot of their cues from Syd Barrett and some song arrangements will put you in mind of Bowie circa Diamond Dogs or Aladdin Sane, there's even some underwater Ventures style guitar - Totally great! if you're into that kind of stuff then you should give this record a try. It won't disappoint.