HOLY SHIT! Nordic Waste, Bored Straight 7" V/A


This is my first exposure to Nordic Waste and Bored Straight and I had no idea what to expect from Holy Shit's ever widening and diverse circle of friends. I'm also slightly dubious about compilations of any kind particulary 7" ones but what you get here on this admittedly non-conformist piece of wax is some really really great shit. Nordic Waste come off like some raw death metal shit with more than an element of the crazies, Milwaukee's Bored Straight do their hardcore more savage and have that unmistakable Wisconsin sound that seems to sponge up so many different influences with an almost Subs/wipers-like edginess to their songs. To top it all off ya got Holy Shit! hitting you with short sharp slaps to the fucking face with two new jams exclusive to this record. It's terrifically thought out and well executed throughout and I'm loving it more than I thought I would. It's a really limited record put out by the bands and is sure not to last for too long once word gets around about how good it is. Highly recommended.