TUTU & THE PIRATES - Sub-Urban Insult Rock For The Anti-Lectual

Image of TUTU & THE PIRATES - Sub-Urban Insult Rock For The Anti-Lectual


Tutu & The Pirates, Chicago's first anti-lectual sub-urban insult rock band and perhaps even its first punk band finally gets its due in their first 17-trak LP compilation of demos (from ’77/’78), practice tapes (recorded at their rehearsal loft, “The Placenta”), and live material (from ’78). Formed in 1977 by a cross-section of childhood friends and misfits, the Pirates culled inspiration from The Stooges, MC5, and the New York Dolls, as well as 60's garage and the Mothers Of Invention. Quirky and fearless, these guys made it up as they went along, quickly becoming Chicago’s go-to opening band for the Ramones (five times), the Undertones, and the Pretenders. True to punk credo, they lived hard and played harder, and within a few short years the rot set in and the group disbanded. Yet despite their influence in and on the Chicago punk scene, the legendary Midwestern pioneers of punk never managed to release an album until now. A new recording of "Berlin" proves that even three decades later, they can still
rock the fuck out. Check out the tracklisting!

Side A
1. Wham Bam Son Of Sam
2. Jenny
3. Show Me You Love Me By Doing Me Harm
4. Delinquent Rat
5. Burn Down The Discotheque
6. Doing Nothing
7. Anarchy, Man
8. Freud's Fucked
9. Dead In Our Beds

Side B
10. I Wanna Be A Janitor
11. Maybe You're The One
12. No Manners
13. I've Got Zits/Zombie Hordes
14. No Head From Darlene
15. Rot Gut Wine
16. Terminal Disease/Kid de Sade
17. Berlin