White Load - My Wall 7" (Import)

Image of White Load - My Wall 7" (Import)


Killer SCUM from one of the better bands going right now White Load who appeared on the Cuts and Cigarette Burns comp - Reviewed below in termbo says it much better than I can.

The finest White Load outing I've heard so far. Total garbage hardcore. All treble, zero bottom end, guitar grating is outta control and non-stop and the singer pops a couple blood vessels for sure. "My Wall" is like bizarro-world Black Flag. Everything is backwards, and it's shittily great. B-Side packs on two more heaters full of disaffection, sort of skummy in a Clevo style, "Endless Bummer" has a great riff they execute with sloppy gusto and the vox are straight nasty. I think they finally have things nailed down here as far as their "sound", I thought the previous records lacked an overall personality or some remarkable x-factor, which they seem to have stumbled upon here. This is the one to get if you want some quality New England no-fi 'core. Ken Rock has been batting .500 with this latest batch, and this one is definitley in the "W" column. Scum stats: 300 copies.(RK)